argumentative essay on not lowering the drinking age

Argumentative Essay · 26 Apr. Alcohol Risks. Almost everyone can agree that alcohol should not be given or allowed to children or young adults under a certain age. Alcohol is a substance that is very dangerous and if you used incorrectly or immaturely the consequences can be great danger to the users or the ones around
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The controversy on the proper drinking age is one that has been repeatedly discussed and researched over the years. Its common to hear the argument “If someone is old enough to take a bullet for their country, they should be allowed to drink alcohol.” But is that enough justification? Some would say no. “According to the
There has been an ongoing controversy in the United States on whether the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen like most of the world or if it should stay at twenty-one. Underage drinking has been a major controversial issue for years, yet why is it not under control? Teenagers are continuing to buy alcohol with fake
Arguments for a lower drinking age: 18 year olds have the right to vote, get married, and serve in the military, and those even younger than 18 can drive and become parents. Therefore, it seems strange and contradictory for them to not be able to purchase alcohol. Making alcohol more accessible makes it less of a big deal.
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The legal drinking age should be kept at 21, not lowered to 18 as some states have suggested. The lowered drinking age would only apply to beer, ... The Legal drinking age should be lowered to 18. Firstly, my opponent's argument, insofar as it relates to teenagers, has a very limited application to the subject of this debate.
Lowering The Drinking Age ... Although this policy is viable in raising a healthy nation, it is not conducive to a democratic republic which teaches freedom and liberty for all its over eighteen ... The main argument in support of higher legal drinking age is that it helps to reduce road accidents caused by the dunked youth.
Persuasive Essay: Why The Drinking Age Should Be Lowered. 607 words - 2 pages. Three out of every ten American teenagers will be involved in an alcohol-related crash which is often fatal, as concluded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. How are you sure that one of those three teenagers will not be

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